Excellent article mentioning the Charley Project

This article, headlined “How a single database of missing person cases could keep searches alive”, is an excellent summation of the way things stand right now in the world of online MP investigation. Particularly this paragraph:

The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, or NamUs, has 27 names on its list of missing persons in Maine. Unofficial lists on the Doe Network and The Charley Project websites, which are maintained by volunteers, have 18 and 25 names, respectively.

But the actual number could be higher because of inconsistent reporting over the years. Each list goes back only as far as 1971, and some names will appear on one list but not another.

Me, I understand why this cannot and should not be done, but I would love to crack open the NCIC database, even for a day. For just one day. I can imagine myself glued to the computer, with a cooler full of pop bottles and sandwiches in the room so I won’t need to stop to eat, and a bucket perhaps for calls of nature, staying up all 24 hours and harvesting information, until time’s up and I stagger, sticky-eyed and aching, to bed.

Select It Sunday: Petra Muhammad

This week’s Select It Sunday post, chosen by Jodi H., is Petra Loretta Muhammad, a 30-year-old mother of one who disappeared on January 7, 2006 from Highland Falls, New York.

As in so many cases this one of “suspected spousal snuffage.” (I credit Carl Koppelman with coining that phrase.) Petra was in the process of a divorce at the time of her disappearance, and her relationship with her estranged husband was troubled at best. She was born and raised in the Caribbean and I don’t know if she had any family living nearby.

It’s a sad case, particularly, I suppose, for Petra’s young son, who would probably be in his teens by now.

I dunno what happened Friday

The internet on the whole house, more or less, went down on Friday. I could check my email, but everything else was met with the device saying “your connection is not secure so we’re not letting you go to that URL.” Even my tablet was having the problem. I don’t know what that was about. I went online with my cell phone but mostly read all day and worked on an Executed Today entry. Everything went back to normal eventually, but by then it was past ten p.m. and I was like, screw it.

I was busy Saturday but will resume work today. I’m really liking this flow of daily updates.

Happy All Saints’ Day.