MP of the week: Cherice Ragins

This week’s case is Cherice Maria Ragins, a young woman of 24 who disappeared from Catonsville, Maryland on¬†February 21, 2010. I pulled her file pretty much at random and noted it hadn’t been updated at all since I first posted the case four years ago. So here she is. Another one of those “few details are available” cases, although there are in this case a few details as opposed to none.

As for the rest of today’s updates, you’ve got your five, though none of them have much info attached. You could argue that it is those cases that have the most pressing need for coverage. Last night I mined the Texas database and found a lot of ones to put up.¬†Vitia’s case concerns me. I normally don’t post runaways that are not on the NCMEC (basically, because they would be hard to keep track of; the NCMEC sends notices when they’re found but no one else does) but I made an exception for Vitia because, well, she was fracking TWELVE and with a man ten years older, and she’s been missing for over a decade. My guess is she’s somewhere in Mexico, probably with a couple of kids.