Make-a-List Monday: “Unspecified medical condition”

Sorry about last week. I had written, like, six lists in advance and they were running automatically and I just forgot when they ran out.

Anyway, on to today’s list topic. “Unspecified medical condition” is maddening to me. Are we dealing with someone who’s had an organ transplant and needs to take like 50 drugs a day or they’ll die, or someone with some minor, not life-threatening complaint? Is it a mental illness instead, and if so, what kind? There’s a world of difference between schizophrenia and depression. Inquiring minds wanna know. Here they are, people with some kind of medical problem but I’m not sure what:

  1. Caleb Jeffrey Allen
  2. Danielle Nicole Alexander
  3. John Howard Andrews
  4. Brenda Jeen Apalicio
  5. Marshall Francis Austin
  6. Zachary A. Aylsworth
  7. Christopher M. Bacsain
  8. Jose Barroso
  9. Steven Howard Bradley
  10. Pamela Marie Callahan
  11. Barbara Elizabeth Cantu
  12. Kimberly Ann Cardarella
  13. Eugene Caston
  14. Tina Mae Cawston
  15. Judith Ann Chartier
  16. Eric Isaac Cohen
  17. Michael E. Cosgrove
  18. Jennie Samantha Cummings
  19. Deborah Elaine Deans
  20. Nancy Zoe Dennis
  21. Neal Edward DeShazer
  22. Carlos Diaz
  23. David Adrian Downes
  24. Valerie Renee du Laney
  25. Paul Thaddeus Eckert
  26. Glenda Sue Eldred
  27. Kevin Daniel Elkins
  28. Jacqueline Ann Ellis
  29. Ande Fan
  30. Julia Marie Fraser
  31. Russell Matthew Gonzales
  32. Shelayah Renee Gonzalez
  33. Nancy Lynn Green
  34. Fabian Humberto Gutierrez
  35. Lynitta Bouvier Hargray
  36. Michael Daniel Harp
  37. Jeremy Adam Hayward
  38. Saeed Hedgepeth
  39. Jack R. Hemby
  40. Retha L. Hiers
  41. Douglas Gene Holway
  42. James Huff
  43. Michelle Lyn Hutchings
  44. Lisa Dianne Jameson
  45. Mark R. Johnson
  46. Qaisra Khan
  47. Helen Jean Kelly
  48. Howard Kimball
  49. Darlene Louise Lary
  50. Paul Allen LeBlanc
  51. Edd Dominic Lope
  52. Jeffrey Leland Lowrey
  53. Christine Marie Ludwig
  54. Larry Don Madden
  55. Anne Cornell Magnuson
  56. Asia Nicole Martin
  57. L.C. Matlock
  58. Jess Landon McEntire
  59. Timothy James McKye
  60. Lonny Airon McQuiston-Davis
  61. James Kelly Meeks
  62. Molly Ann Meyer
  63. Dawn Mohn
  64. Carlee Jade Morse
  65. Donna Geneve Mullen
  66. Francesca Anna-Marie O’Brien
  67. Michael L. Page
  68. Opal Marie Parsons
  69. Phouvong Phasavath
  70. Ansel Lamone Piper
  71. Joseph Thomas Polidoro
  72. Chassity Reed
  73. Timothy Rice
  74. James Dean Richert
  75. Judith Mae Riems
  76. Ellis Edward Robinson Jr.
  77. Phyllis Rodgers
  78. Karla Carolina Rodriguez
  79. Bettina Diane Scott
  80. Douglas Harlan Selby
  81. Scott Matthew Sells
  82. Donald David Smatlack
  83. William Ronnie Staggs
  84. Shonda Renee Stansbury
  85. Clyde Daniel Stewart
  86. Little John Sutton
  87. Brandee Jan Thomerson
  88. Wanda Lillian Thompson
  89. Andriene Patricia Walker
  90. Darlene Ann Wallace
  91. Timothy Dale White
  92. Willie George White
  93. Cynthia S. Wilkins
  94. Aletha Jo Williams
  95. Steven Lee York

4 thoughts on “Make-a-List Monday: “Unspecified medical condition”

  1. forthelost September 21, 2015 / 1:20 am

    The nebulous “behavior disorder” on the California Missing Persons Registry is also an annoying one.

  2. Andrea622 September 21, 2015 / 12:41 pm

    helen kelly and the “ghost grandma” creeeepy

  3. Mia September 21, 2015 / 3:43 pm

    Some of them are pretty easy to guess… Like Jack Hemby, whose condition affected his ability to travel… he was probably incontinent. But others, you wonder why it’s even mentioned if it’s not going to be specific.

    • Mia September 21, 2015 / 3:45 pm

      Or Chassity Reed… at 320 pounds, she was probably diabetic or had an underactive thyroid.

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