Apologies for my silence

I haven’t updated any of the social media in over a week. To say nothing of adding updates to the Charley Project itself. Some stuff happened, and then I had to watch Mom’s wretched cat again. For nearly a week, while she’s off camping once more. She says this will be the last time, that she will ask the neighbors to do it the next time she goes camping. She had better. I am the most logical person she could ask to feed her cat while she’s away, but that doesn’t mean I have no life or obligations of my own.

She did leave the router this time, so there’s internet access. And she left a laptop, but I decided not to bother using it since I couldn’t do much on it, website-wise, anyway. I haven’t been altogether unhappy. I’ve been reading lots of books which I hadn’t had time for before.

Today I decided to come back to Michael’s house and surprise him. He was surprised. In fact, he had already made plans for the evening, plans he couldn’t change, plans that had no room for me. Now, before I arrived I had vowed I wasn’t even going to step inside my office if I could help it, that I was going to show Michael that this visit was for him and not for the Charley Project. But he’s gone and won’t be back for hours and here I am.

August was a complete wash. September is turning out to be that as well. I wish the whole stupid month was over with already.

I have read all 193 emails I had waiting for me. Most of them were posters sent automatically by the NCMEC — of which, exactly two had any use for me. I don’t have time to get a proper update done, because when Michael comes back later tonight we’re going to do something together. I think I’m going to use this time to do some behind-the-scenes work, purging and stuff like that.