Make-a-List Monday: Parents who took their own lives

This list is for cases where one of the MP’s parents (or both, in theory, though I don’t think there are any of those) committed suicide after the MP went missing. I’m sure the tremendous strain caused by the missing child¬†contributes significantly to depression, etc., which leads in turn to the person’s death. I have decided not to include cases where the parent was a suspect in the MP’s disappearance.

  1. Rogelio Realme Cerda
  2. Frederick Andrew Holmes
  3. Katya Marie Lyne
  4. Diane Nguyen Robbins
  5. Anna Christian Waters
  6. Alan John Westerfield and Terry Lee Westerfield*

*I know it doesn’t say that in their casefiles, but the boys’ biological father killed himself several years after they vanished.