For your edification, some articles

Annie Keller, who runs the For the Lost website and posts on this blog under the name “forthelost”, has written a number of articles, mostly about the subject of missing and unidentified persons. She asked me to post them for you guys. I’ve read them; they’re very good.

Can You Give Names Back To Any Of These Unidentified Baby Girls?

More Cases: Can You Give Back Names To Any Of These Unidentified Baby Girls?

The Unidentifed, Part Three: Young Boys Who Need Their Names Back

Part Four: More Unidentified Boys Of The United States

John Walsh Program Leads To Discovery Of Abducted Child

Second Person Arrested In Lilly Baumann Kidnapping

The Problem Of Unidentified Children — How Bad Is it?

Dementia And The Missing Elderly

Father’s Day Not A Celebration For These Dads Of Missing Kids

Jerice Hunter Sentenced To Life In Prison

Back in town, if not back in business yet

I have been reunited with Orville. My car is still in the shop and in fact I’ve had no news of it since last Friday, and the “news” I got then was that they had made no progress. Mom drove me back to Michael’s.

This August has been a very hard month for me and mine. It’s not just my car accident. The accident is small stuff. And it’s not just my nephew either. (He’s in brain rehab now and doing as well as you might expect.) Other things have been going on that I don’t think I should talk about in public, and certainly not on this blog.

Now I’ve got to sort through the mountain of work that has accumulated in my absence. I hope to get something up tonight.

In the good news department, the new kitten, Aria, is getting on quite well with our other cat, Carmen. They’re playing with each other now, doing wrestling and fake-biting and chasing each other and stuff. Aria is a very active kitten who’s always up to something. At least the incredibly expensive three-story carpet-covered cat tower is finally getting some use. Carmen mostly ignored it, but Aria loves to climb all the way up to the top.