Minutes before midnight

This week’s Select It Sunday case is Desmond Santonio Dix, chosen by Annie. He was kidnappedĀ from Atlanta, Georgia at gunpoint on January 30, 1996, and was never seen again. He was seventeen years old.

Unfortunately, that’s all I know about this case. You’d think that such a kidnapping, even in Atlanta, would rate at least one or two articles in the paper, but if there were any I’ve been unable to find them. I checked his NamUs profile but they haven’t added anything new.

Well, this is embarrassing

I just went and corrected 150 casefiles and 25 resolved pages where I had misspelled the word “led” (as in “led to water”) like “lead” (as in “I will lead you to water”). It turns out I consistently misspell that word. I actually knew how it was supposed to be spelled, I just… forgot. Or something. I didn’t realize the problem until someone pointed it out to me.

Tracking down, correcting and posting all the pages with misspelled “leds” took two and half hours, though part of the time I was on the phone and was thus working more slowly than usual.

Good news

I got news about my nephew. I suppose he’s not entirely out of the woods yet, having suffered a nasty knock in the head and all, but he’s awake, he can talk, recognizes people and isn’t paralyzed. So it seems like he’s unlikely to either die or become a carrot.

I’m sure his parents are overjoyed. I myself am considerably relieved.

Yeah. So.

I have misplaced my microphone and could not do any videos for YouTube Saturday. Though, I admit, I didn’t look all that hard for it yesterday. I’ve got other problems on my mind.

Two of my nephews were in a serious car accident on Friday. They rolled their truck. One has already been discharged from the hospital, concussed and beat up but otherwise okay. The other, not so much. He wasn’t wearing a seat belt and got thrown from the vehicle. He’s in a medically induced coma right now and they won’t know what the damage is until they bring him out of the coma. Now, I don’t know squat about traumatic head injuries and very little about my nephew’s condition, but I can read between the lines. This is really going to suck.