I hate it when this happens (on again)

I listed 18-year-old Daryl Martinez, missing from Albuquerque, New Mexico since last July, today. Then I had to remove him about five minutes later. Annoying.

This is Mr. Martinez’s missing persons poster with the New Mexico Department of Public Safety.

This is an article about a young man also named Daryl Martinez, who was the same age and bears a striking resemblance to the photo on the poster, being arrested for murder in Albuquerque last September. He shot a guy in an argument over $1.

Barring some conclusive evidence that the two Daryl Martinezes are NOT the same person, I’m inclined to believe the New Mexico DPS website is behind in the times and Daryl was located eleven months ago.

One thought on “I hate it when this happens (on again)

  1. Ang August 21, 2015 / 3:48 pm

    You are right. It is the same person. He is still booked at the Metropolitan Detention Center here in Albuquerque. http://www.bernco.gov/metropolitan-detention-center/online-services.aspx

    I don’t know why the state of New Mexico DPS doesn’t look at the county level to see if the missing person is incarcerated. This same young man made news for robbing a smoke shop as a juvenile.

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