Select It Sunday: Jascie Kaywaykla

This week’s Select It Sunday post was nominated by Justin C., via a message to Charley’s Facebook page. It’s Jascie Kara Kaywaykla. As Justin explained, “She is missing from my hometown, and I don’t remember seeing much about her disappearance.”

I’m not sure how to pronounced Jascie’s first name. Jassie? Jas-kee? Her nickname is Hope, and she may be go by Kara, her middle name, which is certainly easier to pronounce. She’s Native American. I’m not sure what tribe. When I Googled “Kaywaykla” I found out there was a Gene Weeden James Kaywaykla who was an Apache, but the Apaches are pretty far from Oklahoma, where Jascie disappeared from.

Anyway, she was nineteen and vanished after she was dropped off at K-Mart in Lawton, OK for her new job orientation. That was eight years ago.

Under “transportation” her NamUs file says she “took the bus in 2007 or n2008 from ATLANTA GOERGIA AND DALLAS TEXAAS [sic].” But it sounds like this was before she disappeared so I don’t understand why that’s included. Shrug.