Missing 411 film

David Paulides, author of the Missing 411 series of books (which I really liked and used as a Charley Project source), asked me to post this: they’re trying to raise $100k to make a film about the missing persons featured in his books. KickStarter works like this: if they don’t raise all $100,000, they get nothing at all. The fundraising campaign has raised $82,000 and change so far and has 18 days left to go.

Yaroslav Iventyev probably found

A Charley reader sent this article in to me: Yaroslav Iventyev, whom I recently made a video about, has almost certainly been located. While looking for a missing toddler, they found Iventyev’s car in a pond with an adult male body inside.

That’s the second time this month that someone who had a video on the Charley Project YouTube channel was found dead, the presumed victim of a car accident. And also the second time this month also that a missing person in Florida was found inside their car in a body of water: Rita Sue Zul was found several days ago. I haven’t resolved her case yet but will soon.

Another Holocaust-related execution

This time it’s a Hassidic rabbi named Ben Zion Halberstam, who together with several family members and others was shot by a Nazi death squad in a forest in what is now Ukraine.

I just found this link which isn’t in the ET entry (yet; I sent it to the Headsman) which has an actual video clip of what they claim is the Rebbe shortly before his execution. The quality is very poor, as might be expected, but it does show people beating the crap out of SOME Jewish guy, anyway.