Well, that just came out of nowhere

My ever-reliable source Jaime sent me this article about Elsie Roane. It turns out the suspect in her case is male, and still alive. He was about her own age at the time of her disappearance.

But more to the point, the police chief is quoted out of nowhere saying, “My focus right now is to find Elsie Mae and her child and give them a proper burial.”

Um…child? What child? No one previously said anything about a child.

I’m guessing she must have been pregnant at the time of her disappearance, then. I’ll have to make a note in her casefile. I wonder if the suspect is the baby’s father.

Started physical therapy today

I was almost thinking maybe I didn’t need PT, because I’ve got the full range of motion back in my shoulder now and I can do almost everything I could do before. (Doing a crown braid, which is a braid that circles your head and involves Dutch-braiding up one side of your head and down the other, remains impossible. But I figured, wait awhile longer…)

But alas, it turns out I need PT. When the physical therapist tested my arm she discovered it was remarkably weak. Like, she made me hold up my arms out in front of me and pushed on them and told me to try not to let them drop. I could keep the left one up. The right one dropped like a stone at the slightest pressure. So, arm-strengthening exercises for me. I got instructions on how to do to them and was told to come back next week.