Um, no way. No fracking way.

It seems very unlikely that this man is three foot nine inches tall. That has got to be a typo. Either that or he’s a Little person. The weight is unusually low for a grown man also.

I called the Oakland PD and they gave me the phone number for the investigating officer in Mr. Adkins’s case, but when I called that number he didn’t answer and I couldn’t leave a message because his mailbox was full. Muttergrumble. I hope the guy I spoke to contacts the investigating officer himself and passes on my inquiry about Darriel Adkins’s height.

[EDIT: Well, I’ll be darned. I called the CDOJ database and they said they’d call me back. They did, like five seconds later, and verified that Mr. Adkins really is 3’9 and 105 pounds. Must be dwarfism, then.]

Well, this is just lovely. Three different dates to deal with.

I was about to write up the case of Joan Cecilia Scaggs, missing since 1983 from California, and discovered that although she just got added to the CDOJ database she has been on NamUs (sans photograph) for six years.

The CDOJ says she was last seen on November 12, 1983.

NamUs, in their “case information” has the “date last seen” as September 12, 1983.

In their “circumstances” they say she was last seen on November 11, 1983.

Under “investigating agency” on NamUs they say the date the disappearance was reported was November 12, 1983.

That’s three different dates to work with. Count ’em, three. Now, what am I supposed to do with all of that?

Make-a-List Monday: State Capitals #7

I’m doing them five at a time. See previous lists one, two, three, four, five and six.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

  1. Arden Bogart Jr.
  2. Inez Garcia
  3. Skyla Marburger
  4. Sandra Payne
  5. Michelle Quintana
  6. Robert Marcos Romero
  7. Orlando Valdez

(Bonus: Samantha Michelle Kibalo may have been seen in Santa Fe in 2006, five years after her mother abducted her.)

Albany, New York

  1. Ashley Marie Carroll
  2. Donald B. Green
  3. Karen Marie Hughes
  4. Thomas Edward Lamoree II
  5. Suzanne Gloria Lyall
  6. Monique Santiago
  7. Karen Louise Wilson
  8. William Frederick Woolheater

Raleigh, North Carolina

  1. Sage Antonio Bermudez-Rayon
  2. Willie Rudalph Conyers
  3. Zoe Camille Hope
  4. Pamela Annetta Hinton
  5. Taveta Michelle Hobbs
  6. Pamela Webster Palmer
  7. Parley Ann Pate
  8. Cynthia Lorraine Perry
  9. Elizabeth Hicks Rogers
  10. William Robert Rochelle
  11. Nathan Seaberry
  12. Roy Neil Searchwell Jr.
  13. Douglas Stephen Simmons

Bismarck, North Dakota

  1. Bruce Falconer
  2. John Henry Jacobson
  3. Sandra Mary Jacobson
  4. Michelle Mae Julson
  5. Christopher Nathan Mann

Columbus, Ohio

  1. Shaniece Monica Briggs
  2. Carmen Inette Colon
  3. Timothy Eugene Fisher
  4. Ricky Lee Frayer
  5. Mohamed Abdi Hassan
  6. Trevell Lamar Henley
  7. Claudia Lopez-Escobar
  8. Deron Tyriek Hill
  9. Christopher Lerch
  10. Peggy Ann Lerch
  11. Carla Elizabeth Losey
  12. Deanna McCutcheon
  13. Ashley Tyronda Norah
  14. Kenneth Douglas Roberts Sr.
  15. Brian Randall Shaffer
  16. Aaron Cody Stepp
  17. Jeffrey Allen Stutton
  18. Anna Marie Zirkle