What the orthopedist said

So I saw the orthopedist today. I can, after a fashion, raise my arm straight above my head (I have to kind of swing it to get momentum) and straight to the side. And I can push against myself. But I can’t push towards the outside hardly at all. He noted “marked weakness” in that area. I explained how the aforementioned weakness had been much worse right after I sustained the injury, and gradually improved, but then it stopped improving. He says he’s going to treat me for tendinitis although he theorized I could have nerve damage instead/also. In that case there’s nothing to do but wait for the nerve to repair itself.

He prescribed a course of physical therapy and some steroids and told me to see him again in a month. Significantly, he didn’t tell me to keep resting my arm; in fact he seemed to agree with me that this was unfeasible. I told him about the Charley Project and all the typing I do as a result, and how important it was for my mental health, and he seemed to think that I might as well keep working on it as long as I do the exercises and stuff the physical therapist will prescribe. Maybe the steroids will keep the pain away as they reduce the inflammation.

So I’ll call the physical therapy place tomorrow and presumably set something up for next week. I had physical therapy last year for the muscle tightness in my back and benefited greatly from it, though I missed several sessions cause I was laid up with a horrible throat virus. I’ll use the same PT place as before.

ET Themed Set: Moi II, Last post. Also, MWAB case, etc.

The last post in my themed set is Charlotte Bryant, who poisoned her husband with arsenic back in 1935. The police had a great deal of fun investigating her late husband’s body etc. with what was the very latest in forensic science. By modern standards, the forensic evidence against her was questionable, but I myself am pretty sure she was guilty.

This Executed Today post is from yesterday. Yesterday I couldn’t post anything because I was visiting my mom at my parents’ island summer home (they’ve shared custody of it since the divorce, alternating weeks) and I couldn’t even use the internet on my tablet because the power was out for most of the day on account of a storm which had pulled a tree out by its roots and dropped it on a line. (All the trees on the island have very shallow roots.) Mom had to make twelve trips back and forth between the island and the shore to transport power people, tree cutters, etc. I was able to check my email and Facebook on my cell phone but that was about it. On the plus side, I met my parents’ new neighbor on the island, and it in our getting-to-know-you talk I learned he been a prosecutor for twenty-five years and a defense attorney for five. I told him about the Charley Project and gave him a business card. Mom was glad I’d come to visit her. If I hadn’t, she’d have spent her birthday without any friends or relatives there at all.

And yes, I am well aware of the murder-without-a-body arrest in the Sheila and Katherine Lyon case. About 20 people, without exaggeration, have emailed me about it. They were such beautiful little girls. I will update the case when I can. Right now I’m visiting my dad at the university before my doctor’s appointment (which is in an hour and fifteen minutes). I hope the orthopedist gives me clearance to take the stupid sling off and resume normal activities, but somehow I doubt he will.