My right shoulder part II

Yeah, so this morning I was in a great deal of pain due to my shoulder and found out my orthopedic appointment is not till Thursday, not Wednesday. I drove to an urgent care place and explained the situation and they gave me toradol and, more importantly, a sling. Not to support my arm so much as to force me to stop using it.


I am typing left-handed. I am keeping up with MP news etc on my tablet which I can use without getting my shoulder involved but updates are out of the question right now, alas. At least till Thursday and probably for awhile longer.

Tomorrow is Mom’s birthday. I got her a secondhand book and some seeds for her garden, exotic varieties of roses. Together the book and seeds cost only ten cents more than the cost of the wrapping paper and gift card. *shaking my head*

MP of the week: Minnie Taylor

This week’s featured missing person is Minnie Evette Taylor, 33, missing from El Dorado, Arkansas since May 26, 2002. I have very little on her case: only that she might go by her middle name, and her case may be related to the similar disappearance of Jacenthia Robinson.

For Minnie Evette Taylor, I can’t find any recent news on her, but I did do some digging on NewsLibrary and turned up a few old articles. She wasn’t reported missing for a month; a “concerned friend” filed the report. She and the aforementioned Jacenthia had “personal vices which would have put them at risk.” I’ll have to update their cases.

I’ve been trying to stay away from updates and the computer in general right now on account of my shoulder, choosing to read instead or use my tablet. But I keep managing to irritate it anyway. Like, the weather lately has been horrible and this morning, after we put out the recycling for pickup and Michael went to work, the wind and rain blew the bin over and spilled half its contents and I had to go outside, pick it up and put everything back inside it. Then I realized the same thing had happened to a neighbor’s bin and no one was home there, and I couldn’t very well leave it lying there with garbage scattered all over their sidewalk and front yard, so I had to pick up that one too.

Ibuprofen etc. nonwithstanding, my shoulder hurt for the rest of the day. It was just starting to feel better come evening but then I had to wash the dishes and it got irritated again as a result. It hurts now for that matter. Or not exactly pain but another sensation, a constant sense of awareness of the shape of my shoulder and the way the bones and ligaments and muscles everything fit together. I keep picturing it in my mind. My doctor won’t give me proper pain medication because if my shoulder doesn’t hurt, I’ll keep using it like I normally do, and make whatever is wrong with it worse.

The bigger problem is that I just can’t use my shoulder and arm the way I always have. Not only does it hurt, I simply can’t physically use it. Like, Michael’s and my key ring pegboard is on the wall right at level with the top of my head. You can’t reach it from the front because there’s a table in front of it. You have to reach it from the side. I can lift my arm straight up (for awhile), or straight to the side, but not both up and sideways at the same time, not very high anyway. I keep automatically reaching for my keys with my right hand and then remembering: wait, I can’t do that, use the left hand. It’s annoying.

I’m seeing the orthopedist Wednesday.