A slight bump in my user statistics

I checked my user stats and saw this:


It is my understanding that “visits” represent the number of unique visits/visitors to charleyproject.org. And it’s up a bit for some reason. The average is currently 10,134 visitors a day. (Actually it’s 10,133.6; I rounded up. /pedantry) As opposed to last month when the average was 8,339. In May it was 8,171 and in April it was 8,070. Not much of a change there. Every day this month, though, save July 1, the number of visitors has been above the average 8,000-ish range.

Judging by the casefiles my visitors are looking at most often: Caleigh Harrison, Aliayah Lunsford and “Baby Kate” Phillips, I’d say the spike in visits has something to do with that unidentified little girl they found off the case of Massachusetts. I know there’s been speculation that one of the three missing girls could be her. Kristine Hamilton is also being looked at a lot though, and she DEFINITELY isn’t the Massachusetts Baby Doe and I can’t find any recent news about her. Shrug.

Old blog posts worthy of another look

Tonight I was going through my “general” category looking to clean it out. “General” is a mixed bag category, meant for posts that are impossible for me to categorize elsewhere, or which are wedged into a few categories but are pretty broad in scope. I discovered that only some the posts in the “general” category, however, were REALLY uncategorizable. In many cases I simply forgot to add any categories to the post and WordPress thus put it in the “general” category automatically. In a few others, since writing the entry I’ve created categories I can put the post in, so I can remove it from the mixed bag of “general.”

But while I was going back through six and a half years of postings in “general,” I found some I wouldn’t mind bringing up to the surface again. Most are just thoughts about particular MP-related issues, or crime-related issues in general. (I’ve found my opinions on such matters haven’t changed since I started this blog.) Other entries are about issues I’ve had running the site. (There are so many posts in there about my computer woes that I’m thinking about creating a “computer trouble” category of its own, perhaps as a subcategory of “day-to-day website business.” But I haven’t had any computer woes since I got Orville, thanks to all of you.)

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

  1. Before they were missing
  2. Blaming the boyfriend — or, me on the soapbox again
  3. Border crossings
  4. Categories
  5. Comment guidelines*
  6. Georgia relaxes sex offender law
  7. Juveniles on the sex offender registry
  8. Lottery families
  9. “Missing” wanted criminals
  10. The myth of the dangerous internet and the “internet abduction”
  11. Photographs in my resolved section
  12. Programming disrupted, please stand by**
  13. Races
  14. Sigh.
  15. Suspicious versus odd
  16. Why do I do it? (first entry)
  17. Why do I do it? (second entry)
  18. Why I am against the death penalty
  19. Your latest edition of “some people really need to shut up”

*I do not currently, and have not for a long time, have any problems with people commenting on this blog. I just thought it would be good to put up anyway.

**This entry is on the list not for the entry itself but for the comments section, which is a bit entertaining to read.