NCMEC recovery notices

The NCMEC has a thing where it can tell you if a poster has been newly added to the site, or updated, or “restricted” (meaning basically that they won’t be showing the poster anymore but the kid is still missing) or recovered alive, or found dead.

People with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Charley Project will understand why I took a sharp breath and said “WHAT?” when I checked my email on my tablet and had gotten one where they said “Tavia Bailey, missing from Las Vegas, NV, has been recovered.” That means found alive. My website had a Tavia Bailey who’s been missing since the 1980s, foul play suspected. But I couldn’t remember from which state.

I got out of the rocking chair and raced to my office and my computer, shoulder be damned, and looked up Tavia in the Charley Project database. She disappeared from…Pensacola, Florida. Darn. Not the right Tavia. The one I was thinking of actually still listed on the NCMEC, along with a Tavia Bentley who’s also on Charley.

Years ago, fairly early in the MPCCN days, I accidentally resolved a case, a girl whose name was Claudia Hernandez I think, when it turned out some other Claudia missing from another state had been found instead. The NCMEC themselves wrote me to correct me. How embarrassing! Now, if there’s a duplicate name on the NCMEC database and Charley’s database, I make sure to check the listed city and state in the “recovered” email so I get the right one. In this case, the Tavia Bailey listed as found today hadn’t been missing long enough to land in the Charley Project database, which is why I immediately thought of the other one and that one only. Thank goodness I checked before happily listing Tavia Elizabeth Bailey, missing since 1985, as “located alive” in my resolved section. That would really be getting caught with my pants down.

One girl named Tavia, anyway, is going home alive.


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