My right shoulder

I hadn’t quite realized just how much working at a desk involved using my shoulders until today. From my elbow joint down, I’m fine. I can even carry heavy things. Raise my arm above the elbow level, though, and I get in trouble. It becomes harder the further I raise my arm, and downright painful by the time I reach my neck. I braided my hair this morning between grunts of agony.

My desk is around about two inches higher than elbow-level, so I must use my shoulder and raise my arm to meet it. When I need to switch from keyboard to mouse and back again I have to raise my hand (and therefore shoulder) even further. I tried to type with the keyboard in my lap and using the mouse with my left hand. But using the mouse with my left hand was so slow it just wasn’t worth it, and if I switched back to using it with my right, it had to stay on the desk and I’d have to lift my arm higher, proportionately, from the keyboard to my lap every time I needed to use my mouse, and it became harder each time.

I didn’t do too many Charley updates today — just five, plus some resolves — but that was quite enough to get my shoulder in trouble. Before, it didn’t hurt if I didn’t use it. Now it hurt whether I was using it or not.

I called the doctor. She canceled our appointment and referred me to an orthopedist. The new appointment is on Wednesday. Take ibuprofen, she said, and wait. I called my sister, who’s a physical therapist. She told me: take ibuprofen, and rest your shoulder. Don’t use it. Don’t type. Don’t do anything that’s going to make it even worse than it already is. I don’t care if it’s your dominant hand. That shoulder has to rest.

And here I am, typing. I’ve taken more ibuprofen than the label said but even typing this entry has got my shoulder hurting again.


I’ve got someone writing to me asking if I can add an MP who vanished from a military base in Okinawa, Japan. I’ve never encountered this issue before.

I’ve put an unofficial moratorium on posting cases of Americans who go missing abroad, but I realize that US military bases, as well as embassies, count as American soil wherever they’re at. But, regardless of what international law says, wherever this young woman is, it’s likely to be somewhere in Japan. And given the very, very long list of US cases I’ve got waiting to be posted, I just…don’t want to do this one.

What do y’all think?

An explanation for my absence over the previous days

After a bunch of rapid-fire Charley updates…nothing. Well, I’m back, and will stay back. I made a series of what my psychiatrist, etc., call “poor decisions” that lead to my basically sleeping for two or three days straight and missing my MP of the week, etc. I am very sorry about that because someone had emailed me a request and they will have to wait another week. I am very sorry about my poor decisions also because right now I think the rotator cuff in my right shoulder is shot (long story). It’s getting better, slowly — a few days ago I had to lift my right hand with my left hand onto the steering wheel of my car to drive because my arm just wouldn’t raise it high enough. Now I can (almost) braid my hair.

The doctor wants to see me on Monday. I’m hoping that by then my arm will be all better and I can cancel the appointment.

Eugene Shepherd found deceased

I got an email from one Branden G.:

Hello, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this information about my Grandfather. I came acrossed your site a few years ago, after his disappearance. Im emailing because today we just found out that it was body that was recovered and identified in Chico, CA a few months ago. The DNA testing came back positive today. I know you didn’t have much info about him and didn’t know who he was personally. He was one of my favorite people. So it was nice to see that total strangers cared and took the time to post what little bit of information they had about him.

Aww, shucks, thanks. Anyway, his grandfather is Eugene Albert Shepherd, 65, missing from Red Bluff, CA since 2006. The family is going to scatter his ashes at all his favorite fishing spots, as fishing was his favorite thing to do.