This doesn’t make much sense

Per the Stockton Police Department’s missing persons section, Dena Viola McHan was last seen wearing a thick white sweater, too-big Jordache jeans, nylons and open-toed shoes. Fine. It also says: “She was originally wearing brown wool pants.”

What does that mean, anyway? My own clothing description noted the pants and says they were soiled; I’ve since taken that part out.

My guess is that Dena put on the wool pants that morning, they became soiled while she was out and about, and she had to borrow someone else’s jeans to replace them, which is why they were three sizes too big. But in that case, why does the Stockton PD mention her wool pants at all? Was she carrying them with her? Did they get found somewhere after she vanished? Inquiring minds want to know. LE sure works in mysterious ways sometimes.

Zulma Pabon’s photo

Two people have asked, so I thought I would make a statement about the first photograph in Zulma Pabon‘s casefile. Yes, I know it doesn’t look like the other ones. But yes, I believe it’s really her, unless the Virginia State Police really screwed up, cause that’s where I got the picture from.

[EDIT: Okay, I just called up the Virginia State Police myself and brought it to their attention. They assured me that this really is her photograph, provided to them by the Chesterfield Police, and it’s a driver’s license picture. DMV photos never seem to look much like you anyway, and perhaps this is an older one or something. But it really is her.]