More rampant narcissism :-)

My father volunteers at the local hospital. He was there today and was talking to the Catholic chaplain. They’d never spoken before. Dad told him about me and the chaplain recognized my name as the author of a certain letter to the editor about mental illness and gun control. It was published over a year ago and still he remembered it. The chaplain told my father it was one of the best letters to the editor he’d ever read, and that I had an excellent point, and that he thought I had a very good heart and was very brave to share my story in a public forum.

Dad of course is delighted. I am very touched.


Bernadine Paul article

I was very excited today to come across this article from yesterday about Bernadine Paul, missing from Connecticut for 15 years. She’s one of the very few cases where I have never updated her file, even once, in the ten and a half years I’ve been running Charley. And alas, it looks like it’s going to stay that way because the article tells me nothing new. I even checked NamUs and there’s nothing on there I don’t already have. Sigh. But I thought I’d bring up the article anyway, if only to bring her case to the forefront for awhile.

Select It Sunday: Anthony Urciuoli

This week’s Sunday case is Anthony Guy Urciuoli Jr., selected by Brad through an email. Anthony’s been missing from Poughkeepsie, New York since January 24, 2001. He was 31 years old and worked as a restaurant server. The night of his disappearance he got a page from someone and said he was going out to play pool and would be back in a few hours. He never returned, no one could trace the page he got and no one saw him that night at the pool hall where he usually went.

Anthony’s missing under very mysterious circumstances. His car was found abandoned and the police said it looked like he left it there himself and departed the scene with someone else…but who? He was known as a responsible person and an ideal employee and it seems unlikely that he would have walked away from his life and everything he knew, but on the other hand, there doesn’t seem to be any hard evidence of foul play.