I know I haven’t updated in nearly a week

Last week my back started tightening up really bad. As near as I can describe it: imagine a piece of paper laid out flat. That’s how your back is supposed to be. Then take the piece of paper and turn up the edges so the paper’s in a U-shape. That’s how my back was — the muscles are all scrunched together, particularly on my right shoulder blade. This has happened before, though not since last year when I had physical therapy for it, and it’s always caused by stress. Certainly I’ve got enough of it right now: it’s June, I’m not getting on with Michael’s parents, and my family is facing a serious crisis which I can’t talk about in public.

Anyway, I did the usual things I do when this happens: I tried the exercises I’d been taught when I had physical therapy last year, I took Aspirin, Aleve and Tylenol, I had Michael give me massages, I applied lidocaine 5% ointment on the sore place, I sprayed BioFreeze on it, I took several long hot showers, etc. Nothing worked and the pain got worse and worse and began to spread up to my neck and down to my lower back. I couldn’t sleep, which just made my muscles tighten up more, until the other evening, I was trying to watch the Ink Master marathon with Michael and enjoy myself but it was difficult to keep from crying out.

Long story short, the other day I spent half the night in ER (enduring several screaming bratty children in the waiting room whom I wanted to strangle). The doctor who saw me said my back was in really bad shape. He gave me some Vicodin and a shot of Tramadol. That took care of the pain quite nicely but not the underlying problem: I still could not raise my arm above my shoulder. The next morning I called my family doctor’s office and explained the situation and asked for more Tramadol. They said they’d have to see me. I went in and they gave me Tramadol, Zanaflex and Valium.

My back is feeling much better now and the muscles are starting to loosen up but when I am not asleep I am completely stoned and barely able to move, and when I am not completely stoned I find it impossible to type normally. You would not believe how many typos I’ve made just writing today’s blog entries — thank goodness for spell check. I dare not update today or it’ll turn out a mess. I am sorry I missed updating my MP of the week on Tuesday, for the second time in a row. Sigh.

With any luck my back will get over itself in another day or two and I won’t have to take the medicine anymore. I know a bunch of people have been found, including some missing for decades, and there’s been a lot of MP news that I’ve posted on the Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “I know I haven’t updated in nearly a week

  1. Lauren June 26, 2015 / 10:35 pm

    I am so sorry! I hope you feel better soon. Please don’t ever feel like you have to apologize to us. We realize you have a life and we appreciate all that you do. Best wishes!

  2. Anka June 27, 2015 / 3:38 pm

    I hope the stress eases off and your back gets better.

    • Meaghan June 27, 2015 / 4:55 pm

      My back is getting much better now. I can still feel the tightness in the muscles but I didn’t take any medicine today and was able to do a proper update at last. A big purge too, like 20 cases.

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