Select It Sunday: Tonetta Carlisle

This week’s Select It Sunday case is Tonetta Yvette Carlisle, as chosen by Kat. Yet another one of those “if there had been Amber Alerts back then they might have found her quickly” cases. A witness saw her being¬†forcibly pulled into a vehicle while she was walking home from school, and got the license plate. It was later traced to a convicted rapist who committed suicide two days after Tonetta’s disappearance.

I would say the case is still not completely hopeless, though, because the witness saw SEVERAL unidentified individuals pulling Tonetta into the car. If she’s right about that, other people were involved in the abduction and those other people might still be alive today and walking around (or in prison) with that knowledge in their heads. They might tell someone who tells someone, and so on.

Searching for any recent news, I did find this video¬†which is an overview of the case, created after the 2013 discovery of the girls in Cleveland. I wish her mother would get some answers, even if she’s dead.