Here I am in the Journal-Gazette again

That guy who wrote about me and that library book did decide to write about the Charley Project too; this article came out today. I noticed a slight inaccuracy: I don’t think Theresa Bier and Russell Welch were boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s still an incredible (in both the “wow” sense and the “I don’t believe this” sense) story, that one.

The computer in the background of the photograph is, of course, Orville.

Select It Sunday: Mel Wiley

Selected by Justin, this week’s case is Mel L. Wiley, a police chief who disappeared from Hinckley Township, Ohio thirty years next month. I have a fair amount of details in his disappearance, although neither of the two photos I have for him are of the greatest quality. He left most of his stuff behind, including his car and pet cats and thousands in the bank, but he did take some things with him.

If Wiley is still alive, he’d be in his late seventies and I doubt he’s going to make himself known at this point.