Dog sitting

I am at my parents’ lake house dog-sitting while Dad goes to Chicago to pick up a friend. Hence the lack of updates and no MP of the week yesterday — no Orville, you see. I hope there is no emergency because I am well stuck here. The island is accessible only by water, our boat is docked on the shore (and I can’t drive it in any case), and I can swim only as an alternative to drowning, certainly not well enough to make it back to my car. But I don’t anticipate anything happening and Dad will be back this evening.

So I sit reading. I read a book about Irish MPs and went online to review it only to discover my records say I read it six years ago. I had no memory of it at all. I read a book about aspirin and Reye’s Syndrome and discovered, to my surprise, that they never really proved aspirin was responsible for the condition and it might very well not have been. Reye’s Syndrome (named after a Dr. Reye who codiscovered it) has in any case pretty much vanished from the western world, which is nice.

As for MP news…well, they’ve announced a suspect in Mark Himebaugh’s disappearance and charged a guy with Shawn Spencer’s murder. I will provide links when I get back to a computer. It’s cumbersome to do on my tablet.