A thought

I wonder how Danielle Mouton came to be wearing a Cartier watch at the time of her disappearance: they are NOT cheap and, given Danielle’s age and lifestyle, it seems highly unlikely that she could have afforded it. The likeliest explanation I can think of is that a client bought it for her. It could also been a knockoff, I suppose, but even those run well up into the hundreds.

You see details a that, by themselves, must tell a story, only you don’t know what it is. Full dentures in a fourteen-year-old, for example. A swastika tattoo on someone who may be Jewish. That sort of thing.

Select It Sunday: Iva Foss

Chosen by Becki, this week’s Select It Sunday case is Iva Mildred Foss, who was 60 when she vanished from Johnstown, a small community in eastern New York. It’s one of Charley’s older cases; she’s been missing for 54 years this week. They’re pretty sure they know what happened to Iva. I would still like to know more about this case, however. For example, was her car ever found? And since they seem to have the specifics of her (presumed) death, then, did any criminal charges result?