Did it!

I uploaded eight videos to the CharleysMissing YouTube channel. For some reason only two of them are showing up on the playlist right now, so here’s a list of them all:

Suzanne Arbell

Douglas Charles Chapman

Jeanette DuPriest

Jonathan Granison-Bradley

John Patrick Kerrigan

Marjorie Alice Knox

Lonnie Cory Perry

Herlinda Ann Soto

[EDIT: Okay, now they’re showing up. Good.]

13 thoughts on “Did it!

  1. HennyLee June 2, 2015 / 2:20 pm

    Great job! I just watched them!

  2. Kara June 2, 2015 / 10:59 pm

    These are great. Kudos to you for putting the effort into them.

  3. Margie June 3, 2015 / 1:57 am

    I love the background music you and Sean Munger used for the videos. Mysterious! I think you sound like the actress Jodie Foster. I love her as an actress so that is a compliment!

    • Meaghan June 3, 2015 / 9:16 am

      Thanks very much. I’ve never been compared to Jodie Foster before. 🙂

      I loved Sean’s music too and had asked him to give me that soundtrack so I could keep using it; I think it sounds kind of spooky and longing without being over the top about it.

      • Angie June 3, 2015 / 12:39 pm

        I think the understatedness of it actually makes it MORE creepy. But it definitely goes with the videos.

  4. Becky June 3, 2015 / 9:32 am

    These are terrific. Great job! At first I didn’t realize I had the sound off and so heard no details of the disappearance and I figured he must have been lost at sea due to the background image. Once I finally heard the sound I was super impressed. You have a perfect narrator/news announcer voice and the perfect tone and delivery for the topic.

    • Meaghan June 3, 2015 / 4:08 pm

      The ocean photo is actually a stock picture of a sunset, but I had the movie program tint it blue; I think it looks much more like the moon now.

  5. Lauren June 3, 2015 / 7:16 pm

    These are great!

  6. Kat June 4, 2015 / 8:03 pm

    Just watched this bunch, good job, you’d never know that they were amateur vids. And you really do have a great voice, you should look into news reading or voiceovers, voice cartoons or something! I wish I sounded like that. I’ve heard myself on voicemail and bounce backs on the cordless, and I just cringe. I sound SO shrill. Not even trying to!

    • Meaghan June 6, 2015 / 8:16 pm

      I don’t think anyone likes the sound of their own voice played back to them. I certainly don’t. I don’t think I sound feminine enough. I think I sound like a boy — although everyone assures me they can tell on the phone and stuff that it’s a woman speaking.

      • Kat June 6, 2015 / 11:51 pm

        I can tell it is you, you just have a what is it? Depth or cadence or something that makes you sound very radio ready. Tone, perhaps? I’m awful at this kind of stuff, I can’t read music or anything, but I know what I like and I always attract to something melodic, I’ll pick up stuff in a song that is either catchy or just appeals to me. That said, your voice doesn’t grate or anything, there is something very soothing and professional about it. Obviously, everyone else likes it too….

  7. Kathryn June 5, 2015 / 2:19 am

    Love these. You have a fantastic speaking voice.

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