Woo, I got some news

Awhile back I posted, as one of my Flashback Friday cases, a certain little girl who vanished without a trace over 30 years ago. I had almost no information on her disappearance and appealed for anyone who knew anything to contact me. Well, someone finally has. This is the would-be stepmother of that little girl. She was married the girl’s father; they are now divorced. She says she’s glad that someone besides her cares about the disappearance.

The person provided several tidbits of useful information. I’ve been able to confirm a little bit of it:¬†she gives the name of the child’s mother and her current place of residence, for instance, and there is a woman by that name living in that town. In fact, she was arrested there in March.

She mentions court transcripts; I think I will ask to see them. I don’t want to post anything more specific about this because if she is telling the truth, what happened to that poor child is terrible. If she’s not telling the truth, I don’t want to defame the girls’ parents by posting things about them which are not true. But as it stands, for now, I believe her.