MP of the week: Yolanda Patlan

This week’s featured missing person is 38-year-old Yolanda Patlan. She and her six-year-old son, Alejandro Perez, vanished from Calexico, California on January 11, 2001. Sadly enough, that’s all I have on them. One of those “few details are available” cases. I don’t know if this is a case of foul play, an accident, a voluntary disappearance, no clue.

NamUs says Yolanda’s date of birth is an approximation. Calexico is a border city — its counterpart in Mexico is Mexicali, see what they did there? — and I wonder if perhaps Yolanda was from Mexico or some other Latin American country and that’s why her date of birth is not known.

If anyone who reads this blog knew Yolanda and/or Alejandro, or any details about their disappearance, I’d love to hear from them.

3 thoughts on “MP of the week: Yolanda Patlan

    • thewhistler77 June 8, 2015 / 6:42 am

      wow…age seems right for the boy…good chance you got them imo

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