Elisabeth Martinsson identified

21-year-old Elisabeth Martinsson disappeared from Kentsfield, California on January 17, 1982 (my idol Robert Cormier’s fifty-seventh birthday, incidentally). She was from Uddevalla, a city in southwestern Sweden, and had come to California to study. This article from an English-language Swedish publication says Elisabeth’s remains were found outside San Francisco “just a few years ago” but not identified till now.

Her body will be returned to Sweden to be buried with her parents.

This is really fascinating

Students at the CUNY (City University of New York) Graduate School of Journalism wrote this report about missing people in New York City. It covers certain profiles of cases (family abductions, teen runaways, the homeless, etc), as well as various aspects of the search (the police, Amber Alerts, and so on). It’s a really interesting report. Only one of those people profiled in the story, Ivy Mantell, is still missing. By the time of her disappearance she was in poor health and living with an abusive man as an alternative to homelessness. But as you can see from the report, years ago she looked like quite a different person.