I should be back tomorrow or the next day

Yeah, so the internet took a bit longer than expected. The nice cable man came and installed everything, declared it functional and left. I discovered the internet did work on my cell phone and tablet, but not my computer. It turned out Michael had to physically mess around with some wires to make that happen, and had to actually purchase some new stuff. In the meantime I visited my dad.

Michael’s car is in the shop right now and I’m chauffeuring him places. Tonight we’re going to Toledo to go to my neurologist appointment. The appointment is at 8:30 a.m. and as an alternative to getting up at five, we’re going to stay there overnight in a hotel. We’ll drive back home after the appointment and I shall resume updating at last.

There’ve been a lot of resolves lately: Anne Josette Hill, Melanie Camalini, Michael Bradyn Fuksa, Kyanja Vanwey and Nilsa Arizmendi have been found. Of those, only Kyanja was found alive. 😦