I’ll be offline for several days this week

We’re switching service providers here at home and there will be several days’ gap in service between the end of one and the start of the other. I’ll still be able to access the web on my cell phone, but as far as blogging or writing emails goes I won’t be doing that. I mean, I COULD do that, but it would be way too cumbersome on an iPhone. And I can’t update Charley. Just a head’s up. Cheerio.

Make-a-List Monday: Afros

A list of people whose hair was styled in an Afro when they went missing.

  1. Norris Billingsley*
  2. Travis Bingham
  3. Michael James Borges
  4. Roy Gregory Brooks Jr.
  5. Eric Lawrence Brown
  6. Mary Alice Cox
  7. Christian Taylor Ferguson
  8. Jose Angel Fuentes Jr.*
  9. Mary Everette Harrison
  10. Jaliek L. Rainwalker
  11. Marque Allen Rhodes
  12. Solomon Gomile Rose III
  13. Jawan Alton Siebert
  14. Patricia Ann Tigner
  15. Ellen Townsend*


Bonus: Roxanne Marie Sims, who may wear an Afro wig.