Cracked features missing people again

In their recent photoplasty, 23 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Nobody Can Explain, Cracked has talked about Charley Project MPs Garnell Moore, Amy Bradley, Zachary Ramsay, Tara Calico, and of course the Sodder children.

MP of the week: Lydia White

Last week’s featured MP was Caleta White. This week’s MP is also named White, but presumably not related: Lydia White, missing from Lawndale, California since the age of four months on August 1, 2004.

I have very, very little information about this case, other than that she was under CPS supervision and was “last seen by her father.” Oh, and “suspicious circumstances.” Shrug. If she’s still alive she’d be eleven years old on Friday, but frankly it doesn’t look good for her.

I’d love to hear from any relatives or anyone else who knows about this case.

Make-a-List Monday: Really really bad photos, F-J

See the A through E list.

  1. Joyce Alice Fisher
  2. Justine Gabrielle Flynn
  3. Dixie May Forrester
  4. William Henry Forshee Sr.
  5. Iva Mildred Foss
  6. Brenda Kay Foster
  7. Hilda Claudette Frazier
  8. Bernhard Fricke
  9. Elizabeth Dorothy Funchess
  10. William Gaffney
  11. James Anthony Galloway
  12. Emely Yolibeth Gamez-Lopez
  13. Frank Garcia
  14. Mauricio Garcia
  15. Rodolfo Alalberto Garcia
  16. Robert C. Garman
  17. Marvin Cornell Gibbs
  18. Stephanie C. Gibson
  19. Scott Anthony Gilchrist
  20. Elizabeth Walston Godwin
  21. Ronald Gomes
  22. Catalino Gomez
  23. Donna Maria Gonzales
  24. Haskell Wilson Gonzales
  25. Jesus Gonzales
  26. Marcus Hernandez Gonzales
  27. Raymundo Antonio Gonzalez
  28. Curtis Lawrence Goodman
  29. Oded Gordon
  30. Keyshia Graham
  31. Juan Gravado
  32. Craig Jeffrey Graves
  33. Sherie Ann Graves
  34. Katie Michelle Gray
  35. Michael Earl Gray
  36. Deborah Kim Green
  37. Walter Gressley
  38. Joshua Greyson
  39. Michael Grochowsky
  40. Angela R. Gross
  41. Fabian Humberto Gutierrez
  42. Gerald J. Hanrahan
  43. Thomas Allen Hanson
  44. Sharon Harrer
  45. Jennings Lee Hart
  46. Oliver Hart
  47. Richard Burks Hart
  48. Cindy L. Haumann
  49. Robert Hay
  50. Gary Hayward
  51. Jeffrey Keith Hegwood
  52. Mitchell Todd Hein
  53. Martha Smith Helmick
  54. Ronnie Henderson
  55. Dorothy Mae Hendricks
  56. Jerry Sherman Hendry
  57. Sausha Latine Henson
  58. Robin Denise Appel Herring
  59. Roland Himebrook
  60. Kathaleen Elizabeth Hine
  61. Oscar Florence Hintta
  62. Virginia Hollingsworth
  63. Davis Holloman
  64. David Charles Holmes
  65. Frederick Andrew Holmes
  66. Dawn Michelle Holt
  67. John Scott Holt
  68. Gwendolyn M. Hooser
  69. Melvin Charles Horst
  70. Michelle Houchman
  71. Isaac Ray Howard
  72. Jody Fern Howard
  73. Cheryl Huff
  74. Lily Mae Huff
  75. Cary Sue Huie
  76. Francisco Huizar
  77. Thomas Kearny Hull Jr.
  78. Alice Kristina Wehr Hummel
  79. Gary Lee Humphrey
  80. Raymond Lee Hunley
  81. Barbara Jean Pauley Hunt
  82. Dontray Miquel Hunter
  83. David Robert Hursell
  84. Peter Jess Hurst
  85. Refugio Isaguirre
  86. Hattie E. Jackson
  87. Scott Lyons Jacobs
  88. Ruth Alice Jacobus
  89. James Jamison
  90. Kyle David Jansen
  91. Douglas Morris Jarmon II
  92. Tammy Ann Jarvis
  93. Virginia Jewell
  94. Albert Leo Jimenez
  95. Ruth Jimenez
  96. Robin Lynn Jobson
  97. Julie Dalton Johnson
  98. Kester Denmon Johnson
  99. Randy Johnson
  100. Taurean Johnson
  101. Tok Sun Han Johnson
  102. Trina Lakea Johnson
  103. William Johnson
  104. Sidney Edward Johnston
  105. Danny Lee Jones
  106. Gladys Jones
  107. Jerry Von Jones
  108. Marland Dewayne Jones
  109. Pamela Gay Jones
  110. Dietrich Helmut Jonke
  111. Fairlyn Jordan
  112. Orlando Jordan
  113. Song Im Joseph
  114. Marie D. Jost
  115. Guadalupe Juarez-Figueroa
  116. Roger Lenard Jung

Select It Sunday: Rachael Garden

This week’s Select It Sunday case was chosen by HennyLee: Rachael Elizabeth Garden, who disappeared from Newton, New Hampshire on March 22, 1980, at the age of fifteen. Newton is, curiously, just 35 miles from the town where Laureen Rahn, another petite brown-haired girl only a year and a half younger than Rachael, disappeared a month later. This may just be a coincidence though.

As for Rachael, she sounds like a pretty typical teenager of that time, a bit rebellious but not overly so, fond of her pet horse. The three guys she was last seen talking to had bad reputations. One of them later served time for rape and one them (not sure if it’s the same one) reportedly confessed to killing Rachael, but his statements were not verified.

There was a recent article about the case but it doesn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. The police believe Rachael met with foul play, if only because of the time that has passed since her disappearance — 35 years now. If she’s still alive she’d be 50 years old today.

Aftercare for families of the no-longer-missing?

An interesting idea out of Wales: they’ve launched a pilot scheme to provide social support for families where a person had gone missing but then returned home alive:

“We have recognised that when a person comes back there can be a whole new set of problems and issues that can arise from that.

“In some circumstances, it can be like having a stranger in the house.”

I am reminded of the comment I’d copied into this blog entry, where the woman said her brother’s disappearance continued to traumatize the family even after his return, they couldn’t reconnect and the family never forgave him for leaving.

On the face of it, this seems like a good idea. I do however wish the article was more specific about just what kind of social support will be provided. Family therapy? Individual therapy for the not-missing-anymore person and those relatives that want it? Maybe job training and education, if it’s someone who ran away and was living on the streets or whatever?

Yay, George Barksdale has an AP

Per the NCMEC: George Barksdale finally has an age-progression, to 48 years (although right now he would be fifty). Now if only they could get a better quality photo of him. I was able to enhance the picture somewhat for his Charley Project casefile but it still leaves a lot to be desired. It looks like it got scanned from a newspaper.

The 46th anniversary of George’s disappearance is on April 21, four days from now.

Flashback Friday: Diane Webb

This week’s Flashback Friday is Diane Webb, nee White, an eighteen-year-old who disappeared under unclear circumstances sometime in 1960. If the information on her casefile is to be taken at face value (that is, if you believe her husband’s story), it would appear that Diane didn’t meet with foul play but simply left of her own accord and lost touch with her loved ones. She may not even know anyone’s looking for her.

If Diane is still alive, she would be 73 years old in on April 20.

Another ET entry

This is actually from several days ago, but I forgot to post it earlier. The unlucky man here is Private Benjamin Hopper, an American serviceman who was executed for murder in France in 1945.

I spend quite a bit of time reading history books and true-crime books on the lookout for executions to write about for Executed Today. I don’t write about every execution I encounter, though; far from it. A case has to be interesting, or at least have some detail about it that catches my eye, for me to make the effort to do an entry for it.

The Hopper case certainly isn’t interesting at all: a perfectly ordinary, mundane drunken murder. But there was a detail about it that got my attention: the pathetic letter Hopper wrote to General Eisenhower, with all the misspellings. This guy had the mental capacity of a child and should never have been in the army in the first place. Though I suppose by 1945 they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel.