MP of the week: Caleta White

This week’s featured missing person is Caleta Sade White, missing from Tukwilla, Washington since August 22, 2006. A pretty girl with a sweet smile, she was eighteen years old. Last seen taking a bus to her boyfriend’s place; she never arrived there.

I found this Facebook page made for her, which has some photos not featured on her Charley Project casefile.


2 thoughts on “MP of the week: Caleta White

  1. Mo April 15, 2015 / 1:28 pm

    I have found Caleta’s disappearance to be rather puzzling. Southern King County does have a sex trafficking issue and Tukwila is one of their cities where it is at it’s worse. Lots of inexpensive hotels due to proximity to SeaTac airport as well and the largest mall in the northwest being in Tukwila which attracts some visitors. I don’t necessarily suspect that human trafficking has anything to do with whatever happend to Caleta however. I remember reading somewhere a while back that Tukwila’s high crime rate is a result of crimes committed by visitors more so than residents. Makes me wonder if that can result in Caleta’s disappearance being unsolved as well as multiple other unfortunate incidents in Tukwila.

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