Make-a-List Monday: Carrying money

This list is for people who were or may have been carrying a lot of cash when they were last seen — a minimum of $500, or an unspecified “large amount of cash.” I have decided to include doubtful cases where, say, the husband is a suspect in the wife’s disappearance but he claims she just took a lot of cash and left him. There are a lot of cases like that on this list.

  1. Mark Wayne Adamson
  2. Angela Elaine Allen
  3. Steven G. Alyea
  4. Sandra Bennett
  5. Florence Anne Coker
  6. Joan E. Conetta
  7. Brian David Cook
  8. Jacqueline Cooper
  9. Rosemary Cosgrove
  10. Joseph Force Crater
  11. Michael Austin Davis
  12. Vicky Carolyn de Laurier
  13. Albert A. De Mattos, Lucy T. Pacheco‘s companion (he doesn’t have a casefile of his own, since no pictures of him are available)
  14. Julie A. Earley
  15. Maureen Erin Fields
  16. Ruben Gallegos
  17. Chris Robert Giauque
  18. Curtis Lawrence Goodman
  19. Margaret I. Haddican-McEnroe
  20. Kelley Jean Harris
  21. William Ensley Hipp III
  22. James William Hires
  23. George Erick James
  24. Anna Bertha Kenneway
  25. Gary S. Kergan
  26. Shannon Clair LaBau
  27. Janet Gail Levine March
  28. Timur Mardeyev
  29. Cynthia Jane Marl
  30. Carolyn Sue Martin
  31. Jimmy Maughon
  32. Michael Scott McLaughlin
  33. James Allen McLean
  34. Darryl Keith Miller
  35. Jean Moore
  36. Glinver Keith Osborne
  37. Kinsey Maxfield Otto
  38. Paresh Patel
  39. Tracy Michelle Samuels
  40. Lauren Susann Smith
  41. Marsilene Smith
  42. Nancy Marleine Snow
  43. Salena Marie Tackett
  44. Alexander Haig Tafralian
  45. Woodrow Taylor
  46. Catherine Marie Tornquist
  47. Edyth Ann Warner
  48. Mary Louise Watkins
  49. Kimberly Whitton
  50. Mark Duane Woodard
  51. Lee Roy Young