Flashback Friday: David Stack

This week’s Flashback Friday case is David Arthur Stack, a rather beautiful long-haired eighteen-year-old who disappeared from Broomfield, Colorado sometime in June 1976. He was planning to hitchhike to California, possibly to visit one of his siblings; they lived in Truckee and Berkeley.

Truckee is a small town at the bend of California, with the Nevada border to the east and Lake Tahoe to the south. Google Maps says it’s a little over a thousand miles from Broomfield, a fifteen-hour drive along Interstate 80, or sixteen hours on the alternate route along Interstate 70 and Interstate 80 (the latter route does not have tolls; the former does). Berkeley is a much larger town on the other side of the state, 1,200-plus miles from Broomfield, about eighteen hours on I-80.

Obviously that leaves a very large swath of land where Stack could have met his fate (whatever that fate happened to be), assuming he really was intending to go to Berkeley or Truckee.

I know there were several serial killers of young men who were active in California during this time period. But I just don’t have enough information about Stack as a person, and about his disappearance, to speculate as to whether he met with foul play or an accident or just walked out of his life or what.

7 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: David Stack

  1. T baker March 20, 2015 / 5:01 am

    This has probably been considered, but he should be ruled out as a Gacey victim. I apologize for my spelling, might be Gayce or something else. But if this young man hasn’t been ruled out, he should be. Thank you.

    • Meaghan March 20, 2015 / 7:59 am

      It’s Gacy.

      He’s quite a bit out of the way geographically; Gacy operated in Illinois.

  2. Peter Henderson Jr. March 20, 2015 / 7:32 am

    Hi Meaghan,

    I suggested a look back at David’s case yesterday was prompted by your message about NamUs.. I am going to provide a link but first a bit of background information.

    David and his siblings grew up in my hometown. I graduated with his older brother Bill in 1967 and my younger sister was in his NMHS class of ‘76.

    My interest in his case came about when I was contacted by a old friend, Patty Erickson, who’s a retired deputy sheriff from Litchfield County. She asked me if I knew about the missing New Milford boy and if his DNA had ever been given? I said no and after a few back and forth messages found out that’s because he vanished in Colorado.

    Patty contacted the Broomfield PD. They said that they had the sample but when asked why that information was not in NamUs they told Patty the never used that website. Like you they did not feel it would be useful.

    Since then things have changed. A ever growing number of cold cases and Jane/John Doe’s have been solved with the help of NamUs.. Maybe someday David’s will also. I know that his mother bought a grave plot for him before she died.

    If interested my take on David Stack, 18, missing since June 1, 1976 from Broomfield, Colorado. Note that the additional information was added several years later

  3. Peter Henderson Jr. August 10, 2015 / 8:36 am

    Pat, Toole County, Utah John Doe, murder victim, found June 10 1976, NamUs case # UP 8318, Doe Network case number 2461UMUT, no longer

    David Arthur Stack been found at last. David is the younger brother of my classmate Bill Stack. He was visiting Bloomfield, Colorado but grew up in New Milford, Connecticut. He was NMHS class of ‘76.

  4. Jeff Prescott October 9, 2015 / 11:01 am

    I grew up in the Sunny Valley development in new milford with the Stack family . They were a normal family. I cant remember them causing any problems or being in serious trouble. The kids were liked in school. None of the boys were friends with me but they were always present at many of the local functions and events and i remember having conversations with them from time to time.

    Like i said just a typical american family of the time except they had more kids than most. Im not really adding much to the solution to this mystery but i figured some background info would be helpful.

  5. Mallorie August 5, 2017 / 1:33 pm

    Not solved. His body has been returned to him hometown, but it has left MANY questions for his siblings. I moved to New Milford in 1975, same year of his graduation and I graduated with one of his siblings. I think it must be maddening to be left without knowing what happened, where is his nap sack? he was seen in West Wendover, who was he with? was he alone? Did someone not like “hippies”? The o town has less than 500 circa 1975/76. So, what happened?? If anyone knows something anything, please speak up. This person was loved and wanted.

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