Two ET entries of mine

The first one I didn’t really write; it’s just a broadsheet I came across. I was unable to dig up any more information on this case.  The second was also written largely by someone else, a Austrian-Jewish writer named Oskar Rosenfeld; my contribution was basically an introduction to what he wrote. If you’re interested in the Holocaust I highly recommend Oskar’s book, In the Beginning Was The Ghetto. It’s just fascinating; I’ve read it twice even though I don’t own a copy of my own. I wish I did.

There’s nothing like a funeral to make me feel alive

Well, all the death business is over and I have returned home. It was rather trying for me. The Lianezes are very friendly folks; I have yet to meet a hostile or indifferent person among them. But the fact is, Michael and his parents excepted, I know them only by sight and/or by name or not at all. I felt out of place. I had never been to a Catholic funeral mass either, though it was easy enough to just stand when everyone stood, sit when they sat, and bow my head silently when they prayed.

I look forward to rolling up my shirtsleeves and getting back to work.

Select It Sunday: Georgia Ann Clock Smith

Selected by Kat. I was going through old blog entries from years ago and I found one from before Select It Sunday was even a thing, where Kat commented and asked me to run Georgia Ann Clock Smith as my MP of the week. I’ll do this instead.

Georgia is typical of a certain profile of MP on Charley: an elderly person with dementia who may have just wandered away. She was on a trip to her summer home, over 100 miles. Her car was never recovered. The most likely theory is that she got lost, either because her usual route was blocked or because of her Alzheimer’s or both, and got into a car accident.