A letter from Colleen Stan

First I want to thank the Charley Project for caring about Marliz (Marie Elizabeth Spannhake) when no one else has. I care, because I feel a kinship to Marliz. I am Hooker’s second victim Colleen Stan.
I am writing because I want to bring it to your attention that Cameron Hooker has a parole hearing on April 16, 2015. This is his first parole hearing. He wasn’t to be paroled until November 22, 2022.
It is appalling to me that this MURDERER could be let out! My case has been forgotten and so has precious Marliz. I am asking anyone who cares to please write letters to the Parole Board and express why you feel he should not be free!
I know this is not what your site does. But I am asking you just as a fellow human being,  to please write.
If you write,  the letter needs to have this information on it:
Re: Inmates name : Hooker, Cameron
CDCR # D18324
Hearing date : April 16, 2015 at 8 : 30 AM
Send letters to:
Board of Parole Hearings
P O Box 4036
Sacramento, CA
All letters need to reach the Parole Board 30 days before the hearing.
Please get anyone who is interested to write too.
Thank you,
Colleen J Stan