One of the Charley Project Irregulars (people who frequently send me information and links to articles about MPs; I took the term from Sherlock Holmes) sent me this article¬†about one Shonna Wesley, who’s been missing since 1981.

I wish the article had more information. Yes, it has a photograph — the only existing photograph, it says — of Shonna. They interviewed her daughter, who provided a few details about her disappearance. But:

  1. Exactly when did Shonna disappear? Do they even know? I’m thinking it was sometime in late May, but I’m not 100% sure on that.
  2. Can we have a physical description of Shonna?
  3. What about her age at least? Surely they know that?
  4. Where is a contact number to reach law enforcement in case you know anything?

That kind of stuff — or lack of stuff, really — drives me nuts.

MP of the week: Elvia Morales

This week’s featured missing person, Elvia Morales, was abducted more or less forcibly from her home by a family acquaintance when she was only fourteen years old. Apparently they had been having an “inappropriate” relationship, this in spite of the fact that he was twenty-plus years older than her, married and a father. A day later, Elvia called home to say she was okay and to not look for her. She hasn’t been heard from since.

It seems likely that Elvia is alive if not well, and that she and her abductor, Juan Martinez Martinez, may be in California or more likely in Mexico. It’s very sad to have her ripped from her family and her childhood cut short like that. My guess is she’s tied down with a couple of kids now.

Elvia will turn 20 years old in just a few days. She’s been missing five and a half years.