Make-a-List Monday: Vietnam War veterans

Having done World Wars I and II, I thought I would do veterans of the Vietnam War as well. Both my dad and Michael’s are of that generation and both managed to escape having to serve in Vietnam: my dad because of his asthma and Michael’s because he was overweight.

  1. Celia Darlene Barnes
  2. Benjamin Joseph Bearrick
  3. Christopher Lee Cook
  4. Arthur P. Deering
  5. Theodore Leonard Dengerud
  6. William Michael Ewasko
  7. William Joseph Jamison
  8. Timothy Lee Keays
  9. Jerry Wayne Lackey
  10. Andrew Lee Muns
  11. Louis Robert Piatt
  12. William Schmidbauer
  13. John Smith South Jr.
  14. Charles D. Wilson
  15. James Wood