Flashback Friday: Shannon Ketron

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Shannon Patrick Ketron, a baby who is one of the very few children not featured on either the NCMEC or NamUs databases. He disappeared under very strange circumstances outside Cordell, Oklahoma on June 17, 1982, when he was seven months old. His mother stated he was abducted by an unknown man who knocked her unconscious.

There’s a report that Shannon was kidnapped on July 17, not June 17, but I know that’s not true because I found news reports about his abduction dated in June. There are also reports that he was as old as two years, but everything I found indicates he was an infant, and certainly he appears to be in his picture. Why the basic details of this disappearance are so mixed up I do not know.

If Shannon is still alive, he’d be 33 years old today.