Tad DiBiase’s “No-Body Homicide Cases” book

Tad DiBiase sent me a copy of his new book No-Body Homicide Cases: A Practical Guide to Investigating, Prosecuting, and Winning Cases When the Victim is Missing. This is good because the book costs over $65 and I never would have been able to buy it.

On the flyleaf he wrote, “Meaghan, I couldn’t have done this book without Charley Project. Keep up the great work and see Page 63!”

Page 63 begins an appendix of MWAB cases and towards the bottom it says, “If the Charley Project is listed as a source, you can search for that case by the victim’s name at www.charleyproject.org. It is hard to overstate what a phenomenal source of information the Charley Project is on cold cases and no-body murders. Meaghan Good is amazing, and I am proud to call her a friend.”

Holy wow. *turns beet red* Thanks, Tad.