Working on Puerto Rican cases today

I decided to run Puerto Rican cases through the system and see what I could come up with. It’s a bit of a problem because of most of the articles being in Spanish, but I did study Spanish for a year in college, and it’s close enough to English so I can sort of read it anyway. And there’s always Google Translate.

Well, I came up with some interesting results: several teenage girls currently who had been listed as runaways on the NCMEC and on Charley are presumed victims of a suspected serial killer named Amílcar Matías Torres. Matías Torres is doing twenty years right now, but he hasn’t been charged in any unsolved disappearances or homicides; he’s only in jail for soliciting sex from young girls he met online. Nevertheless, the cops believe he might have had as many as seven victims.

Flashback Friday: Ingrid Anderson

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Ingrid Angela Anderson, missing from Richmond, California since May 20, 1971. Her case is one of those three-sentence, “few details are available” ones and I have never once updated it in the ten years the Charley Project has been in existence. She was 27 years old and on the short side, with brown hair, blue eyes and pierced ears. Beyond that paltry physical description I know absolutely nothing about her.

If Ingrid Angela Anderson is alive today, she would be seventy years old.