MP of the week: Joshua Feebeck

This week’s featured missing person is Joshua Price Feebeck, a fifteen-year-old boy missing from Mount Vernon, Washington since July 7, 2007. It’s no mystery what happened to Josh: he was out on the river with a friend when their boat overturned and he presumably drowned.

He would have been 23 next year.

Make-a-List Monday: Divorce

This list is of MPs who were in the process of a divorce at the time they disappeared. I did not include people who were merely separated. I also did not include MPs who disappeared after declaring they were going to get a divorce, but hadn’t actually filed yet.

  1. Patricia Elayne Action
  2. Rachael Leigh Anderson
  3. Stacy Ann Aragon
  4. Carol Arcuri
  5. Mary Ann Bagenstose
  6. Dorothy Ann Bois
  7. Star Gail Boomer
  8. David Douglas Boone
  9. Robert T. Breed II
  10. Regina F. Brown
  11. Bertha Louise Burke
  12. Vicky Lynn Burross
  13. Susan Diane Wolff Cappel
  14. Linda Kay Carroll
  15. Kimberly Michelle Clark
  16. Joyce Gaines Crider
  17. Linda Jean Crites
  18. Guadalupe Dailey
  19. Sandra Lee Davis
  20. Sharon Eugenia Davis
  21. Carol Kresge DeArment
  22. Peggy Dianovsky
  23. Bethany Lynne Dougherty
  24. Scott William Dusa
  25. Barbara Lee Elms
  26. Frances Collier Ewalt
  27. Patricia Alice Faulkner
  28. Lian Fang Feng
  29. Denise Ordene Fraley
  30. Aferdita Gjerjaj
  31. Julie Ann Gonzalez
  32. Crystal Dupuis Grebinger
  33. Mary Kathryn Greene
  34. Ada Jane Groomes
  35. Steven Hafer
  36. Joan Ellen Hansen
  37. Jeanine Sanchez Harms
  38. Michele Anne Harris
  39. Deborah Ann Heriford
  40. Paul Richard Hodgden
  41. Girly Chew Hossencofft
  42. Cheryl Huff
  43. Darleta Hurt
  44. Richard J. Jargowsky Jr.
  45. Nahida Ahmed Khatib
  46. Norvice Landon
  47. Doris Fay Lentz
  48. Cindy Marie Lesko
  49. Faith Nanette Lippe
  50. Rosa Margarita Lisowski
  51. Stephanie Anne Lyng
  52. Elizabeth Ann Maggard
  53. Rosa Maria Marquez
  54. Michael Martinez
  55. Judith Ann Mattise
  56. Yolanda Jean Maull
  57. Deborah Jean McKneely
  58. Leon Arthur Moncer
  59. Debora Gail DeLoach Moody
  60. Karen Elizabeth Moore
  61. Petra Loretta Muhammad
  62. Bill Neyenesch
  63. Pamela Jane Page
  64. Annita Maria Price
  65. Ann Mineko Racz
  66. Leticia Barrales Ramos
  67. Heath Riley Reams
  68. Maria I. Reyes
  69. Isabel Rodriguez
  70. Diana Raquel Rojas
  71. Felita Ruark
  72. Kristina Marie Tournai Sandoval
  73. Juliana Mae Schubert
  74. Bernice Selby
  75. Teresa Dianne Shannon
  76. Sharon Shechter
  77. Nancy Lynn Begg Shoupp
  78. Brenda Starr Snouffer
  79. John Michael Spira
  80. Lisa Michelle Stebic
  81. Katherine Lynn Stobaugh
  82. Bao Sun
  83. Patricia Cesares Treloar
  84. Jane Ellen Wakefield
  85. Lisa Marie Wallace
  86. Stefanie Welch
  87. Rochelle Claudia White
  88. David Laverne Wobig
  89. Steven F. Woelfel
  90. Melody Wolf
  91. Nancy Wroblewski

Select It Sunday: Kelly Dae Wilson

Selected by Sarah, this Sunday’s featured disappearance is Kelly Dae Wilson, who happens to share a birth date with my boyfriend. Kelly mysteriously disappeared from Gilmer, Texas on January 5, 1992, five months shy of her eighteenth birthday.

Eight people, including, bizarrely, the police officer investigating Kelly’s case, were ultimately charged with abducting, sexually abusing and murdering Kelly. Prosecutors at the time believed her presumed death was the result of satanic ritual abuse. But it turned out the “satanic cult” didn’t exist and all the charges against everyone were dropped two months after the indictment.

So if an evil satanic cult didn’t abduct Kelly, what happened to her? That remains a mystery.

APs and pics

Awhile back I stopped putting up a notice on the updates page if I added a new picture or pictures to a casefile, or updated an existing age-progression. There were just too many of those. I do still put up a notice if I add an AP to a case that didn’t previously have one. Three of my updates for today were new APs.

I also added a bunch of updated APs and new pics today. I thought I’d list them for your benefit.

Updated APs

  1. Maria Florence Anjiras
  2. Dorothy Mildred Clitheroe
  3. Christopher Milton Dansby
  4. Ashley Renae Freeman
  5. Ivory Francis Green
  6. Emily Maria Izykowski
  7. Catrina Renee Jackson
  8. Ta’Niyah Monique Leonard
  9. Tabitha Danielle Tuders

New Pictures

  1. Lucely Aramburo
  2. Bonnie Lynn Haim
  3. Tammie Michelle Mooney
  4. Diana Raquel Rojas
  5. Levi Brian Yellowmule Jr.

Flashback Friday: Ann Marie Burr

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Ann Marie Burr, missing from Tacoma, Washington since August 31, 1961, when she was eight years old. She was apparently abducted in the night, either lured out of or just plain taken from her house. Whatever happened, happened without waking Ann’s younger sister who shared a room with her.

Ann’s case is quite famous because of its possible connection with Ted Bundy. He lived in the area and knew her, and in spite of his youth (he was only fourteen when she disappeared) many Bundy scholars believe she was his first victim. The “did he or didn’t he?” is a pretty big topic for debate among Bundy hobbyists.

I think it’s unlikely we’ll ever know what happened. But in the unlikely event that she is still alive, Ann Marie would be 62 today.

‘Tis the season to be jolly

I’m taking off until Christmas. The reason being that I am going to my boyfriend’s family’s house tomorrow and will stay there until the 25th, and obviously I can’t bring Orville with me. (Well, I guess I could, but it would be far more trouble than it’s worth.) I’ll still have my cell phone though.

Last Christmas was very…um…difficult for me. Family problems. I’m hoping this one will be better. I have no particular gifts I want, only a conflict-free, or at least quiet, time. And for more missing people to come home this year.

Select It Sunday: Kevin Mahoney

Sorry about missing Flashback Friday; I was visiting my dad and didn’t get back till relatively late yesterday. Anyway, this week’s Select It Sunday case was chosen by Angie: Kevin Gerald Mahoney, missing from Fargo, North Dakota since October 2, 1993. He was 25. He left home to walk to his brother’s apartment south of Moorhead, Minnesota, but never arrived. Google Maps says Fargo and Moorhead are only 1.5 miles apart.

I don’t have much on Mr. Mahoney, other than that foul play is suspected in his disappearance. A search for recent news on his case (I haven’t updated his casefile since 2010) turned up nothing.