A little help here?

A Charley Project reader sent me this link about an apparent MWAB case. It says the body was never found. I did my standard research but can’t find any news later than 1997. Last news is they thought she was in a landfill. The mother, Angelic Burney, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in 1999, and Websleuths post I found says the grandma, Rosa Wilkerson, was convicted of being an accomplice, but I don’t know any details.

Did they find Amy’s body or not? Can any of you answer the question? If they didn’t, obviously, I’d like to add her to Charley. Balance of probabilities would make it seem like they didn’t find her, but balance of probabilities isn’t good enough for me.

Select It Sunday: George Vandermark

Selected by Jason: George Jay Vandermark, missing from Las Vegas since 1976. He sort of straddles the line between missing person and fugitive, I guess. He is known to have stolen seven million dollars from casinos and was involved with organized crime. However the authorities believe Mr. Vandermark met with foul play, possibly at the hands of the aforementioned organized crime people.

If Vandermark wasn’t killed and simply went underground to avoid the cops and/or the Mafia, it’s possible he went to Mexico. Selector Jason thinks he could still be alive, but if that is the case he’d be 91 now.