Make-a-List Monday: En route to Mexico

At Justin’s suggestion, a list of people who were headed to Mexico or about to head to Mexico when they vanished. It’s a very dangerous place but also the kind of default place for Americans who want to “get away from it all.” I don’t count abduction cases (family abductions or otherwise) where anyone who is abducted and believed to be in Mexico, or runaways who are believed to have gone to Mexico; I only mean cases where the person was en route to Mexico (or had already arrived) and planned to come back shortly. This is a longish list, though not nearly as long as it could have been. Putting “Mexico” in the search engine returned hundreds of results, many from people who disappeared from New Mexico or the Gulf of Mexico in Florida.

Wade Michael Aughney
Virginia Canales*
Brenda Y. Cisneros
Jedediah Jack Cross
Jennie Samantha Cummings
Mark Randall Davis*
Naziha Ibrahim Duela
Jiovany Gomez
Ricardo Gomez
Luis Manuel Hernandez
Monico Urquidi Hernandez
Harry Weldon Kees*
Christopher Martin King
Yvette J. Martinez
Douglas Edward Meer
Belinda Martinez
Annette Marie Mizener
Nicholas A. Munoz
Carlos Ortega-Gonzales
Roberta Musquiz Pagan
Eddie Garcia Partida
David Ronnal Provost
Rodolfo Reyes
Argelio Rivera Jr.
Elsha Marie Rivera
Sonia Moreno Ronquillo*
Shinho Steve Seo
Joel Matthew Thompson*
Elvis Omar Vega*
Nestor Javier Vega Osuna
Raul Francisco Villarreal
Debra Lee Vowell
Virginia Lynne Wood
Jesus Franco Zapata


[I accidentally published two lists on the same day; I’ve removed the other. You’ll have to wait for that one.]