A new Select It Sunday for the first time in over a month

Selected by blog commenter Michael (not my boyfriend): Rosemary Calandriello, missing from Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey since August 25, 1969. She had just turned seventeen years old and was quite sheltered for that age: according to this article she was still afraid of the dark and had only recently gone on her first date.

What happened to Rosemary is no mystery: she was murdered by suspected serial killer Robert Zarinsky. In fact, this case would be the first murder-without-a-body conviction in the state of New Jersey. For years Zarinsky would claim he never met Rosemary and had no idea what happened to her, but at one of his parole hearings he told a (rather unlikely in my opinion) story of accidental death. He didn’t make parole. He died in prison in 2008, while under indictment for another murder. His own sister thinks he may have killed as many as ten people.

Atlantic Highlands is right on the ocean and I wonder if Zarinsky took Rosemary’s body out to sea. We’ll probably never know.