New lead in the Peter Kema case

Peter Kema‘s disappearance has received some additional attention — this article shown to me by a commenter on this blog. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but I really really want this lead to go somewhere. I read the Hawaii DHS casefile on him when they released it to the public; it was about 3,000 pages. (And no, I don’t know where to find it now, or even if it’s still online.) That adorable little boy, it would appear, never got a thimbleful of love any time in his life.

I don’t understand why they don’t charge Peter’s father with murder right now. It’s not as if Hawaii hasn’t convicted people of murder without bodies before.

6 thoughts on “New lead in the Peter Kema case

  1. Cheryl November 14, 2014 / 11:22 am

    I just read the two news articles you linked to. What a tragic story. My heart aches for that little boy and for his surviving brother and sister. What a horrible childhood they had. I certainly hope the parents are arrested one day and Peter Boy is found.

  2. KP November 14, 2014 / 2:29 pm

    I don’t think they will find him. I think we all know he is gone. But I do think this time his parents will face a Grand Jury. Even finding his body is probably highly unlikely. After all these years, the area on the Big Island where they lived, while still considered Rural , is way more developed now and just happens to be in the area where the Lava Flow is currently going through. The news is starting to spread here in Hawaii and has everyone’s renewed attention.

    It’s time for the Peter Sr. and Jaylin to pay up and I really feel it is going to happen this time. I have a feeling, after all these years they got careless and over confident and the Authorities have something substantial. They would not have informed the media if it wasn’t significant.

    I’m hoping Jaylin Kema sees the writing on the wall and selfishly tries to help herself out by throwing her husband under the bus for a lighter sentence. She needs to go to Jail but I could live with 15-20 years vs. a life sentence for her. It would be worth it just to see Peter Sr in Jail for the rest of his life and get closure for the family and Hawaii.

    Hawaii News Now is doing a multi-part series on the case, here is the latest which includes a 17 Min raw video interview with Peter Boy’s sister and brother:

    The two other news stations also picked up the story:



    Hawaii Tribune Herald:

  3. Cheryl November 15, 2014 / 8:05 am

    I didn’t mean – find him alive – I meant find his body – but I agree. Thanks for all the Links.

  4. Heather November 15, 2014 / 9:29 pm

    I don’t understand why his parents weren’t ever charged with child abuse, especially when there were obvious signs that these children were being neglected. “multiple leg, hip and rib fractures”? Spiral fractures that can only be done by twisting. Being removed from the home by DHS because of said trauma, and a finding of child abuse. Not to mention the psych evaluations. How in the world were those parents ever able to get their kids back? Seriously.

    The statute of limitations apparently has now run out ( on those crimes.

    This case is the epitome of incompetence for the HI legal system and the entire state department devoted to the welfare of children. No telling what some time in prison could have made one of the parents confess.

    I can’t believe these two are walking free.

    • Meaghan November 15, 2014 / 10:35 pm

      Yeah, when I read the DHS file I was horrified. As my recollection, they released it because the DHS got a new director who decided transparency was in order. She was actually quoted in the papers as saying something like “We want to show just how badly we failed this child.” The only things that were redacted were the names of Peter’s siblings, which I got from other sources.

      My theory is that Peter Sr. killed the little boy and Jaylin knows all about it. I bet if they threw her in jail she’d crack pretty quick and start singing like the proverbial canary.

      I do think it’s a bit strange that Peter Jr. was the main target for abuse in the family. All the children were mistreated but but he got the worst of it by far. Aren’t stepchildren (in this case, Peter’s older half-siblings) more likely to be abused than biological children?

      • KP November 17, 2014 / 2:21 pm

        No one here in Hawaii can understand why they were never charged with anything. The former Prosecutor says lack of a body had a part in it.

        Everyone asks why the kids were returned to the Kema’s after being removed.I know why they were returned and the same answer I have, can be found in This Sunday’s Honolulu Star Advertiser paper which had a huge front page exposé on Hawaii’s Child Protective Services system and its failures. Its going to be a multi-part series all week.

        The number one goal of Hawaii’s CPS is REUNIFICATION of the family. I know this to be true from personal experience. My Partner’s 2 Nephews and Niece were placed with us 2 years ago after an emergency removal from their home and to make a long story short, all the parents had to do was complete anger management and parenting classes and pass a few consecutive drug and alcohol UA’s. That took about a year. The kids were then allowed to go back to to their parents, All 5 of them living in one 10X15 room they rented in a home with no electricity, no Refrigerator (they used a cooler with Ice) and no beds. That was acceptable the judge told me as it was and I quote “no different than living on the beach, as long as the kids have food and shelter.” When the kids were placed with us, we were required to provide each child with a bed, the boys had to have their own room and the girl her own (as it should be) and we were inspected every week But the standards for the parents were basically, no standards at all. All the CPS worker kept telling us was we need to reunify the family. When I would ask “even if it isn’t the best thing for the kids or safe for them” he actually replied “that’s the mission of our department. We reunify families”. So I’m not surprised the Kema kids went back home. That’s the norm here and has been for a long time. Maybe the current attention will prompt some changes in the policies.

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