I hope to be back in business later today

I’ve decided the only thing to do is force myself to work whether I feel up to it or not. So when I get back home (this afternoon/evening) I’ll update etc. I’ve got a lot of work to catch up on. Right now I’m at the university with my dad. The campus is closed today, but Dad had some research to do and let me tag along with him. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment later today.

To anyone who did not hear (that is, probably only moose living in Siberia), the McStays’ killer has been arrested. Joseph Sr.’s business partner has been charged¬†with four counts of murder. His crimes make him eligible for the death penalty, but given his age — 57 — and the glacial pace of California’s death row, he’s much likelier to die in prison.

I don’t know what to say about the case, besides the obvious: how could he slaughter an entire family, people who trusted him, including small children? Etc etc.