Make-a-List Monday: Cases with the word “rat” in them

I was surfing the internet looking at rat websites and thinking about my pet rats and really missing them — I no longer have any, they’ve all died off — and thought, what the heck, let’s make a TOTALLY RANDOM list of MP cases that have the word “rat” mentioned somewhere in them. To my surprise, there were a few, enough for a list anyway. More Charley cases have the word “rat” than the word “Birkenstock.”

Clive Barry — attempted suicide by eating rat poison, second paragraph of the description
Barry Keith Douglas — wearing a t-shirt reading “Thousand Island River Rat”
Loren Wayne Harvey Jr. — tattoo of a rat on his right ankle
Annie Suazo — the suspect called police informants “rat finks” — last paragraph of the description
Ke’Shaun Bryant Vanderhorst — his apartment was “filthy, cluttered and rat-infested” in the first paragraph of the case details.