Vox article about Charley cases, and more

Vox has done an article featuring nine older Charley cases they consider exceptionally creepy. The lucky nine:

1. The Martin Family, Barbie, Barbara and Kenneth
2. Bobby Dunbar
3. Billy Gaffney
4. Mary Moroney
5. Georgia Weckler
6. Evelyn Hartley
7. Bruce Kremen
8. Marjorie West
9. (of course) The Sodder family, Betty, Jennie, Louis, Martha and Maurice

Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t include the Joseph Rodriguez disappearance, which is one of the oldest ones and is as spooky as any I know of.

Also, several days ago the website Cracked ran an article about creepy phone calls that talked about Brandon Swanson and Donna Lass and Judith Himes (though they spell her name differently). Cracked didn’t actually reference Charley as far as I can tell but I thought the article worth mentioning anyway.

As for my silence: I’m ill. I’ll leave it at that.