Make-a-List Monday: No or limited English

MPs who spoke little or no English at the time of their disappearances. There are probably a lot more on here than I include on this list. I have their primary language, if I know it for sure, in parentheses. I’m not going to make any assumptions; the guy from Korea probably speaks Korean, but it doesn’t say that so I didn’t list his language. Most of these people are either visitors or immigrants to the United States. I’m not including people who are unable to speak English due to some physical or mental disability.

Vyacheslav Arjkadyevich Akopov (Uzbek)
Galina Morozova Brown (Russian)
Rosa Marie Camacho (Spanish)
Anton Cesnjevar (German)
Young Hwan Chang
Nelida De Jesus Del Valle (Spanish)
Lian Fang Feng (Chinese)
Juan Flores
Bani Galicia
Luis Osvaldo Diego Garcia
Delfina Soledad Esiquio Guzman (Mixtec)
Adan Jacquez Hernandez (Spanish)
James P. Higham III (Japanese)
Stanina Ignjatovic
Yansis Massiel Juarez (Spanish)
Qaisra Khan
Hee Chol Kim
Sabino Llona-Saenz
Margarita Medina (Spanish)
Gabriel Ovando
Oscar Garcia Quintanilla (Spanish)
Karla Carolina Rodriguez (Spanish)
Luz Daris Rodriguez
Philistin Saintcyr (Haitian Creole)
Felipe Santos (Spanish)
Federico Ventura Supnet (Ilocano)
Melchor Tabag
Mouy Tieng Tang
Ducong Trinh (Vietnamese)
Carla Vicentini (Portuguese)
Yuan Xia Wang (Mandarin Chinese)
Masumi Watanabe (Japanese)
Valerie Wojcik (Polish)
Yuen Kwang Wong
Sifeng Wu
Pietro Zarfino (Italian)

2 thoughts on “Make-a-List Monday: No or limited English

  1. M86 October 6, 2014 / 3:12 am

    So sad! Any language barrier is bound to hamper any LE investigation, unfortunately.

    • M86 October 6, 2014 / 3:14 am

      Edit: I realize that many of these MPs spoke English as well.

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